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If you want a smartwatch to make travel easier, Apple Watch is hard to beat. But what about all those Android competitors? There are too many to list here, including models from Sony and Samsung. Still, after taking Apple Watch for a test run several weeks ago, I gave a few popular watches for Android users a whirl (one nimble contender, Pebble, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices).如果你想要卖块智能手表,让旅行显得更加便利,苹果手表有可能是最差的自由选择。不过,那些安卓竞争者呢?它们的种类过于多了,无法在这里一一列举,还包括索尼(Sony)和三星(Samsung)的多种款式。

不过,几周前,我试用苹果手表之后,也试了试几款风行的安卓手表(其中一个灵活性的竞争产品是Pebble,它既能在安卓系统用于,也能在苹果的iOS系统中用于)。Apple Watch, among the newest additions to the smartwatch market, raised the bar in terms of intuitiveness and elegant functionality. And its travel apps are perhaps the most useful to date. But of course, not everyone wants an Apple. Below, a look at three popular Android options, and the pros and cons for travelers.苹果手表是智能手表市场的近期产品之一,它提升了直觉性和高雅功能性的标准。它的旅行应用程序有可能是目前最简单的。


Pebble and Pebble TimePebble和Pebble TimeFrom $99 for Pebble; $199 for TimePebble,99美元起;Time,199美元STYLE With its colorless display and retro push buttons on the side of the face — which, in an age of touch screens, is a refreshingly uncomplicated way to navigate — the boxy Pebble calls to mind the watch David Hasselhoff used to summon his talking car in “Knight Rider.” It doesn’t have a touch screen, and its “e-paper” display (it’s easy to read in sunlight) isn’t as crisp as others. But you’re not buying this (or any smartwatch) for looks. Like Crocs, it’s about utility. Besides, the company’s second-generation watch, which is being rolled out as I type, is, well, cute. One model of the new Pebble Time, with a gleaming white silicone band and color display, has a sporty Swatch-like look made for summer.外观:四四方方的Pebble让人回想了《霹雳游侠》(Knight Rider)中大卫·哈塞尔霍夫(David Hasselhoff)恶魔自己不会说出的汽车时用的那块手表。它的显示屏不是彩色的,仪表盘旁边另设古董按钮。在触摸屏时代,这个按钮倒是清新的非常简单操作者方式。


另外,该公司于是以发售的第二代手表I型(I type)较为漂亮。新的Pebble Time的其中一款享有闪亮的白色硅胶表带和彩色显示屏,外形像斯沃琪(Swatch)夏季运动款手表。

TRAVEL APPS Unlike its competitors, Pebble can go days without charging. It’s also water-resistant. You can shower with it on or go surfing or swimming. However, the first generation can hold only eight apps at a time. On iOS you’ll find versions of some travel apps such as Yelp, but many standard apps are not available. There’s no Hotel Tonight or Expedia, for example. So I branched out and tried Toilet Finder, an app that alerted me to nearby bathrooms— or tried to.旅行应用程序:跟它的竞争对手有所不同,Pebble好几天都不必电池。它还透气。你能戴着它睡觉、冲浪或游泳。不过,第一代不能加装八个应用程序。

在iOS系统中,你能寻找一些旅行应用程序,比如Yelp,但是很多少见应用程序都没。例如,没Hotel Tonight和Expedia。

所以我略为扩大范围,试了试Toilet Finder,这个应用程序能警告我附近有厕所。NAVIGATION If you want directions on your Pebble, you need to load an app. The most helpful iOS app I tried was PebbleNav, but you have to enter your destination on a companion app that lives on your phone. It’s only after doing this that Pebble comes to life with turn-by-turn directions. An added step, yes, though after setting it up you can put away your phone and just glance at the watch’s detailed turn-by-turn directions, something that’s missing from a number of competitors.导航系统:如果你想要Pebble指路,你必须iTunes一个应用程序。

我中举过的最简单的iOS应用程序是PebbleNav,但是你必需在手机的设施应用程序上输出目的地,然后Pebble才能转录,一步一步指路。是的,它是多了一个步骤,不过,原作好之后,你可以把手机缴一起,只看手表上的详尽提示就讫——有好几个竞争对手的产品都没这个功能。PROS An affordable watch for those who want to read texts and see what’s nearby, especially households where there are both iOS and Android devices. It’s water-resistant, has a long battery life and is well-sized for small wrists.优点:这款手表价格实惠,合适那些想要用手表看短信或理解附近设施的人,尤其是家里既有iOS又有Android产品的人。

它透气,电池用于时间宽,非常适合手腕粗的人。CONS Frequent fliers and road warriors who have come to rely on an arsenal of travel apps (and Google Maps) will miss them.缺点:常常旅行的人会思念他们早已十分倚赖的各种旅行应用程序(和谷歌地图)。LG Watch Urbane (Android Wear)LG城市手表(LG Watch Urbane,兼容安卓系统)About $350大约350美元STYLE This watch may be chunky, and the stitched leather strap may be slightly stiff, but it looks like the real thing (that is until you start talking into it).外观:这款手表有可能看上去有些轻巧,它的缝制皮表带有可能有点软,但它看上去很智能(直到你开始对它讲话才不会找到它也没有那么智能)。


TRAVEL APPS You primarily use this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then asking for directions to, say, a museum, or instructing the watch to send a text or an email or jot down a note. When I lifted my wrist and spoke aloud, “O.K., Google, how do you say ‘table for two’ in French?,” up popped the words: “table pour deux ‘table for two in French’ ” Neat. (Though this wasn’t quite so smooth when there was a lot of ambient noise and the watch couldn’t hear me.) As with all smartwatches, popular travel apps are pared down or must be used in conjunction with the phone. For instance, to call up an American Airlines boarding pass, the watch told me I first had to view it on my smartphone.旅行应用程序:这款智能手表的主要用于方法是,再行说道“好的,谷歌”,然后告知去往某个目的地(比如博物馆)的路线,或者命令手表发短信、发邮件或记笔记。当我抱住手腕,大声说道“好的,谷歌,怎么用法语说道‘两人桌位’”时,手表上跑出这些字:“table pour deux (法语两人桌位)”。棒极了(不过,当周围噪音相当大、手表听不清我讲话时就没有这么流畅了)。和所有的智能手表一样,很多热门旅行应用程序都无法用,或者必需和手机协同用于。

例如,我命令手表表明美国航空公司(American Airlines)的登机牌,它告诉他我,必需再行在智能手机上查阅。NAVIGATION Google Maps makes navigation on this watch among the best to be found on a wrist. Ask for directions and up pops an arrow indicating which direction to begin driving or walking, along with the number of miles you should keep heading in that direction.导航系统:谷歌地图让这款手表的导航系统沦为你能在手腕上寻找的最差的导航系统方式之一。你问路之后,手表上不会跑出一个箭头,命令开始往哪个方向驾车或行驶,以及你要接着往那个方向回头多少英里。PROS Good navigation, voice-activated search and the ability to send texts and emails from your wrist make this a handy digital companion on the road.优点:导航系统优良,能声控转录搜寻,能发送到短信和邮件,这些优点让它沦为旅行途中的便利数码伴侣。

CONS Apps that many travelers have come to rely on are not functional enough to be useful solely on the watch. And transitioning between activities takes some getting used to.缺点:很多旅行者所倚赖的应用程序无法在这款手表上分开用于。有所不同活动之间的转换必须时间适应环境。

MOTO 360 (Android Wear)摩托罗拉360(MOTO 360,兼容安卓系统)From $149.99149.99美元起STYLE The fat, round face of the Moto 360 felt as weighty as an antique pocket watch, though the oversize color touch-screen face makes for easier reading. And you can customize, choosing from several bands and faces with the company’s “Moto Maker” at motorola.com.外形:摩托罗拉360圆乎乎的仪表盘感觉像古董手表一样沈重,不过它的超大彩色触摸屏更加不易查阅。你能在motorola.com网站上通过该公司的Moto Maker自由选择自己讨厌的表带和仪表盘。TRAVEL APPS Like the LG Urbane, you talk to this smartwatch by saying “O.K., Google” and then making a request. When I asked it to send an email it instantly asked “To whom?” When I asked for directions to the nearest gas station, it brought up choices from Mobil and Exxon. You can load a travel app such as Orbitz, but tap the icon and, as with the Urbane, you’ll be directed to your phone to fully use it.旅行应用程序:和LG城市手表一样,你能对着这款智能手表说道“好的,谷歌”,然后开始下命令。我让它发邮件时,它立刻问道:“给谁放?”我告知最近的加油站时,它表明出有美孚(Mobil)和埃克森(Exxon)的几家加油站。

你能装载旅行应用程序,比如Orbitz,但是页面图标后,你不会获得命令,必须配上手机才能几乎用于,这一点跟LG城市手表一样。NAVIGATION After asking the watch to navigate to Union Square, New York, it showed me an arrow and the direction to set out. More detailed directions, including a map with turn-by-turn voice directions, appeared on my phone. Even if I were just planning to use Google Maps on my phone, it was still faster to ask the watch and allow it to instantly display a map and fire up navigation.导航系统:我拒绝这款手表把我导航系统到纽约牵头广场(Union Square),它表明出有箭头和抵达方向。更加详尽的导航系统经常出现在我的手机上,还包括具有逐步声音导航系统的地图。

尽管我本来就想用于手机上的谷歌地图,但是告知手表、让它马上表明出有地图并开始导航系统,还是更加慢一些。PROS Good navigation and effective voice-activated search from a watch that’s less than half the price of the Urbane.优点:导航系统较好,声控转录搜寻高效,价格将近LG城市智能手表的一半。CONS The travel apps are pared down; you’re better off using most of them on your phone.缺点:很多旅行应用程序无法用于;大部分程序在手机上用于更佳。



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